June 25th, 3vs3 game. 1500 pts for each Army!!!

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June 25th, 3vs3 game. 1500 pts for each Army!!!

Post  Greyhand on Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:03 pm

Well Folks, here we have it, The EPIC 9x6 table, each player brought a 1500pt army to the table.
The two sides consisted of:
Chaos Space Marines, Black Templar, and More Chaos Space Marines
Orks, Tau, Grey Knights

Full Table Layout

Chaos and Black Templar

Orks, Tau, Grey Knights

Was a great game overall, Chaos and Templars took the game in the end, mostly because the Orks, Tau and Grey Knights didn't play aggressively enough at the start. Also we underestimated the sheer ability of the Black Templar's Melee power, a full squad with a chaplain and Emperors Champion ate through the bulk of our army like it was waves crashing upon a shore.

Game length in total lasted approximately 6 hours.

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Re: June 25th, 3vs3 game. 1500 pts for each Army!!!

Post  Zarel on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:22 pm

Great picture and thanks for posting them!!! Next saturday should be fun and for our subscribers we will soon have some video content on our website http://basementgamers.freezoka.nethttp://basementgamers.freezoka.net (Mostly battle reports) and maybe some painting tips from our very own Magim!

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